When looking for a stroller, you should first examine the list of all the main features: weight, maximum supported weight, wheels (type, size, material), folding mechanism, handle (material, height), cup holder, basket (size, type, material, accessibility), canopy, seat (material, size, shape), reclining mechanism (position of all adjustable levels), baby food tray, and all other accessories. Next, assign value to each of these categories based on importance to you. Next, pull up all strollers, in your price range, that satisfy your most valuable requirements. This is your short list you will need to focus on. From here, selecting the right stroller will be a function of feature trade-offs.

Top Value Strollers
By cross-referencing stroller features, price and consumer feedback, we came up with the list of top value strollers. In other words, the most of the stroller that money can buy.
Travel System Strollers
When it comes to travel system strollers, the choices fall off the cliff when the price drops under $200. Luckily, there are plenty travel system to choose from under $300, and under $250.
Best Jogging Strollers
Jogging strollers are very popular these days. Even if not used for jogging, these cool looking strollers have plenty to offer in terms of storage space, good quality seating, large canopies, and other important accessories. A decent jogging stroller can be found for under $350, and even for under $250.
Alternative To Strollers 
If you are looking for a simple, yet effective, toddler transportation device, which will essentially do the job of a stroller, then you might consider these three alternatives. Just to clarify, when I say alternatives, I am suggesting that these rides could complement strollers and re-direct you from buying potentially your second stroller.

Lightweight Strollers
Having a lightweight on-the-go stroller is a must-have item, in my opinion. These strollers are convenient, maneuverable, and take very little space. Top lightweight stroller choices under $100 do not come as plain as one might expect.