How Much Sleep Should a Baby Get

The table below shows the average amount of sleep children should be getting every day. Regular sleep is needed for a healthy brain development. Keep in mind this may vary by an hour or two for your baby, as none of the babies are exactly the same. This table is a good start in trying to estimate how much sleep should babies be getting. Also, keep in mind that baby’s sleeping habits might change over time. For example, she might be switching between one and two naps per day before establishing new routine. Another thing to keep an eye on are all other factors that impact sleeping in babies, such as, teething, eating, nursing, etc. All these factors will have tendency to impact your baby’s sleeping hours one way or the other.
  • 1 month: 16 hours with inconsistent napping frequency
  • 3 months: 15 hours including 3 naps
  • 6 months:  14.25 hours including 2 naps
  • 9 months:  14 hours including 2 naps 
  • 12 months: 13.75 hours including 2 naps 
  • 18 months: 13.5 hours including 1 nap 
  • 2 years:  13 hours including 1 nap
  • 3 years: 12 hours including 1 nap 
  • 4-6 years: 10-12 hours including possible 1 nap