Some Babies Will Nap in Car, or While Pushed In a Stroller

Some Babies Will Nap in Car, or While Pushed In a Stroller
Our son was one of those babies that had to be held in our arms, pushed in a stroller, or driven a car to fall a sleep. These were rough days. I resorted to taking long walks while wearing Bean, pushing him in the stroller, or taking very long car rides to get him to sleep. I also spent a good amount of time sitting in parking lots in the rare case that he actually fell asleep. I will admit that I have peed in a cup while sitting in a parking lot. He has had a couple more month long periods where he would not nap, I think around 6 months, 9 months, and two years. I have found it very important to keep him on a schedule and start his bedtime routine around 7:30 pm. I have read that sleep begets sleep and usually this seems to be true for our son, Bean.

My Baby Will Nap Only While Pushed In a Stroller
If the weather is nice, there is nothing wrong with having a baby who would fall a sleep only while pushed in a stroller. Long walks will be good for baby to get some sleep, and it will help parent get some light exercise and stay in shape. I enjoyed long walks while pushing my baby in a stroller. However, if the weather conditions are not favorable, napping in a stroller might not be an option. In this scenario, we would try holding him in our arms, which I wrote about in detail in my previous post. However, if that would fail, the only option left was a car. Yuck.

My Baby Will Nap Only While In Car
I have heard so many people complain about their baby being able to fall asleep only in car. We have had our share of long drives on local highways. Driving is the technique that never failed us. I think we will all agree that this napping technique is somewhat bizarre, very inconvenient, and indeed expensive. With gas prices pushing new all-time highs, one might want to make sure all other techniques are exhausted.