My Colors Mis Colores by Rebecca Emberley – Books For Infants

Best Books For Infants Review
My Colors Mis Colores is a colorful bilingual board book for infants and toddlers. The book features one word per page in both languages. Right pages are objects and animals, while pages on the left side of the book are colors. Therefore, with each turn you are entering a new color and noun adventure. My Colors Mis Colores features simple, sharp and layered looking pictures, while all the colors are clear and bright.

Reading To Infants Benefits
The book nicely introduces the concept of colors through a sequence of contrasting photos. In addition, I like how color contrasts, with a white background, emphasize various shapes. Finally, My Colors Mis Colores is great introduction to bilingual concept via a sequence of words from English and Spanish at the same time.

About My Colors Mis Colores
We started reading My Colors Mis Colores to our son when he was about nine months old. I am not sure if he understood everything I was reading to him back then, but I am sure he started rapidly picking things up, such as, building vocabulary and increasing color retention. Again, as I stated before, it is never too early to start reading to kids. This book for infants and toddlers is very sturdy, and it features ten pages. It has a standard six by six inch format.