Lawn Mower Toy

Lawn Mower Toy For Kids Review

This colorful lawn mower is a great pretend toy for kids. Kids love to imitate everything that adults do, which includes doing all the chores, operating machines, and fixing things around the house. When our son first saw real lawn mowers in action, he was instantly attracted to this activity and the machines involved in it. We do not own this ourselves, but we have two friends who to. Whenever we go to visit, Bean gets very excited about playing with lawn mowers. I think the best part of this toy is that it does not require batteries, as all the sounds are produced as a result of mechanical movement. Popping beads, pulling engine cord, starting key, and the gas tank are just some of the great features this lawn mower for kids has. The toy runs smoothly on flat and slightly uneven surfaces. However, it is not designed to be run over tall grass or big rocks. The toy is about 20 inches tall, so it can accommodate kids in a fairly wide age spectrum. Overall, I think is one of the coolest pretend machine toys for kids.
Last update was on: December 5, 2021 4:01 am