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Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings Developmental Toy Review
Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings consists of five colorful stacking rings, and a stacking pole. This stacking toy enhances problem solving skills, hand/eye coordination, and auditory awareness. Each stacking rings has a different texture, which is one of the things your baby will continue to notice and explore throughout his or her playtime. The only downside of this toy is that it is made of soft fabric, so it is not as durable as plastic or wooden stacking toys. However, soft fabric makes it the most baby friendly stacking toy among competition, as there is always a chance your little could hit himself with a solid piece of plastic or wood. All in all, this toy is definitely worth purchasing and it ranks very high in a baby stacking category.
Stacking Toy Learning Ideas
This stacking toy has an unusually large rings, so it allows for all kinds of creative play. For example, we would play pee-kaboom with our son by using some other small toys and pulling them through the middle of soft rings.
Fun Things To Do
We would occasionally place big soft rings on our head and perform simple funny acts for our little one – something like a mini theater. He loved watching stacking rings as they would slowly slide down our head, and we would act surprised. It is one of those improvised activities and play that strengthens parent child relationship through fun bonding.
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