31 Interesting Facts About Babies

  1. While still in mother’s womb, seven month old babies can open their eyes and follow light.
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday are two days of the week with the highest birth rate in the US.
  3. Top three months with the highest birth rate in the US are: August, September, and July.
  4. Babies born in May weigh 200 grams more than babies born in any other month.
  5. During first three months, babies can focus on objects only one feet away. This is roughly a distance to the mother’s face, while a baby is nursing.
  6. Most babies will have blue eyes at birth. Permanent eye color develops later.
  7. Sometimes around 10 weeks after being born, a baby will “decide” if she is left or right handed.
  8. During the first year, baby’s brain will double in size. It will double once again after year one.
  9. Adults have 206 bones, while newborns babies have 300 bones. Baby bones later on fuse into each other driving the total number of bones over time towards adult’s 206 bones.
  10. Babies have almost 10,000 taste buds, which is significantly more than in adults.
  11. Only 20% of babies are born without any birth marks.
  12. Baby’s head is 25% of its body length, while adult’s head is only 12.5% of his or her length.
  13. Baby’s brain is 10% of its total body weight, while adult’s brain is only 2% of his body weight.
  14. The only organ that is fully developed at birth is baby’s inner ear.
  15. Only ten minutes after being born, a baby can detect from where a sound is coming from.
  16. Babies can recognize their mother’s voice on the first day they are born.
  17. Blind babies smile, so it is clear that smiling is not a copied function; babies are born to smile.
  18. Babies might not be able to produce tears up to first five months of their life.
  19. Babies can not taste salt until they are 4 months old, which is in line with kidney development.
  20. Newborn’s stomach can hold only 3 oz of liquid.
  21. When they are born, their vision is 400/20. After only six months, baby’s vision is usually 20/20.
  22. Newborn’s eye is 75% of its adult size.
  23. Newborn babies are not color blind. They prefer strong primary colors, such as red and blue.
  24. Newborn babies usually urinate every 20 minutes.
  25. If a human would continue to grow at the first year’s growth rate, he or she would be 25 feet tall.
  26. Babies kneecaps will fully develop full six months after the birth.
  27. Newborn’s heartbeatĀ is usually twice of a normal adult.
  28. Teething in babies can start as early as 3 months.
  29. On average, a baby in the US will go through 7,500 diaper per year.
  30. On average, women change a diaper in 2 minutes, while men complete the job in 1.25 minutes.
  31. Every three second, a baby is born somewhere in the world.