I’ll See You In The Morning by Mike Jolley – Books For Kids

Best Books For Infants Review
I’ll See You In The Morning is a perfect bedtime book for infants and early toddlers. I bought this baby reading book for my son when he was about 15 months old and wanted to start having him sleep in his crib, rather than with me (for at least some of the night). I love the dreamy illustrations and the beautiful verse. My son, also, enjoys the illustrations. It seems there is a just right amount of text on each page to keep the little’s one interested.

Reading To Infants Benefits
Reading this book for infants has a comforting effect, even if your little one is not quite old enough to understand all the words. Illustrations are soft and clean, which gives a reassuring feeling to kids, along with an underlying message of promise that you will be there in the morning for them when they wake up.

About I’ll See You In The Morning

The publisher’s age recommendation is one to four years, which is in line with our experience. The book is small enough to be easily carried when traveling and in a diaper bag. I’ll See You In The Morning is made out of thick cardboard, which is not easy to get torn. All in all, this book is definitely one of the highest ranked books in our books for infants and toddlers database.

About Mike Jolley
Mike Jolley is an author of I’ll See You In The Morning. He is been actively involved in children’s publishing as a designer for almost twenty years. In addition, to his writing and design, he is, also, an art director. Currently, he is living in the United Kingdom.

About Mique Moriuchi
Mique Moriuchi illustrated Mike Jolley’s book for infants and toddlers I’ll See You In The Morning. Mique Moriuchi currently, also, resides in the United Kingdom. Although she grew up in London, her most memorable childhood memories are connected to Japan.