How To Puree Your Own Baby Food At Home

Learn How To Puree Your Own Baby Food
The Bean was exclusively breast fed until he was six months. At one point, he started having constipation issues. Our doctor recommended we start him on some solids, such as prunes or pears, to see if that would help. Pureed pears were his first solid food. He still loves pears today, although unfortunately he will still only eat them pureed. From six months through about fifteen months I made most of my son’s baby food. To do this, I used my food processor. To make baby food, you will see a lot of fancy baby food makers being offered in the market. However, you will learn quickly that a simple food processor is sufficient solution, and it will do the trick. Sometimes, I make large portions of pureed fruits or vegetables, which can be divided in smaller containers and frozen for later use. This way we have a variety of available pureed meals in our freezer.