Nursing – How To Prepare For Breastfeeding

As a very young girl, I remember my mom talking about going to La Leche League when she breastfeed my sister. By the way, La Leche League is a nonprofit organization spanning across sixty-nine countries that educates about and promotes breastfeeding. When I was pregnant, I went to a couple La Leche League meetings to start preparing for this new stage of my life. After my son was born, I continued to attend La Leche League for a couple months and found it be very helpful, informational and supporting. My sister had nursed her two sons and gave me some advice, as well. She said it was very painful in the beginning, so I should curl my toes and keep going! I did find myself doing exactly this in the very beginning of nursing experience. I nursed my son as soon as possible after his birth. Since I had a C-section, it took four to five days for my milk to fully come in and become available for my son. Unfortunately, nursing did not come naturally for me, as is the case for many women. It is actually a learned skill, so to speak. I found it to be very difficult and painful during the first the days or so. We even had a lactation specialist come to our house, which was extremely helpful. She gave me very valuable information, helped with positioning, and getting Bean to latch on correctly. Since then, nursing has been, for the most part, a wonderful experience for me. It is a great bonding experience, where one is given an opportunity to fully appreciate this gift of life. Watching my son snuggle next to me is the greatest gift I could have imagined or wished for. As I mentioned earlier in this section, the nursing process will take some time to master, but once you have a grip on it, you will most likely enjoy every second of it. Keep reminding yourself that you are learning how to do this, and that you are getting better at it as the time goes by. That is one thing that can and should keep you going. Also, spending some time to find a comfortable reclining chair, or some other cozy spot in the house for nursing, will probably be time well spent.