The Linguistic Genius of Babies by Patricia Kuhl

TED’s Speaker: Patricia Kuhl – The Linguistic Genius of Babies

How do babies learn language? TED’s speaker Patricia Kuhl delivers a presentation on how babies relatively quickly learn new languages, and why the same can not be done with adults. For an average human being, ability to pick up a new language dramatically falls after the age of seven, and it continues its downward slope throughout the rest of his or her life. So, how do babies learn language? Well, babies’ brains are equivalent to little super computers, which take in astonishing amount of information and process it much more efficiently than adult brains. Patricia Kuhl shows how six month old babies process information in the most sophisticated way in the attempt to better analyze and understand their environment. This superb baby brain development presentation is just a tip of an iceberg of a lifelong research of Patricia Kuhl. Enjoy it! 
About Patricia Kuhl

Patricia Kuhl is internationally recognized early language and baby brain development researcher and co-director at the University of Washington. Patricia Kuhl was invited to the White House twice (1997 and 2001) to give presentations on early learning, brain development, and cognitive development. She wrote and co-authored a number of popular books on early speech development.