How To Give A Bath To A Baby

How To Prepare Baby For a Bath?
Before starting the baby bath, it is important to make sure you have everything you needed, which includes baby wash, wash cloth, towel, lotion or oil and baby’s pj’s. Typically, we fill a couple of inches of warm water in the bath tub before we put our little one in it. We make sure all his bath toys are conveniently located either in the bath tub, or near by. I make sure all my jewelry is taken off prior to giving a bath to my son.

How To Give a Baby a Bath?
We usually use hands or cups to wet his skin and hair. Before soaping the washcloth, I clean his face and around the eyes. Next, I clean his hands and feet. At this point, I usually soap new washcloth. However, you could use the same washcloth to wash baby’s body. Proper rinsing is important, so I take my time to make sure all soap is gone. Finally, I thoroughly wash and rinse his hair. When I rinsing his hair, I make sure his head is tilted backwards a little bit. This will keep the soap out of his face and eyes. Our son loves to be the one in charge in draining the bathtub. He learned how to pull the bathtub plug and let the water go. This is a great form entertainment for him, and we gladly let him do it. After I dry him in his towel, I apply skin lotion and give him a small massage. The bath procedure officially ends with a night diaper and PJ’s.