How To Give A Bath To A Newborn Baby

How To Prepare Bath For a Newborn?
Before starting the bath, I made sure we had everything we needed – baby wash, wash cloth, towel, lotion or oil and pj’s. We set the tub up next to the kitchen sink and put in a few inches of warm water. It is a good idea to keep your water heater set at 120F. If your baby develops cradle cap, which is dry scaly skin on the top of the head, you can use a soft baby brush or extra soft tooth brush to gently scrub the scales off. This is a really common condition. The first couple weeks, Bean did not like getting a bath and would scream through the whole thing. My husband discovered that if he pours warm water over the baby’s body while I wash him, Bean actually really enjoyed bath time. We would also cover his belly with a warm wash cloth.

How To Give a Newborn a Bath?
Giving a newborn a bath is one of the biggest tasks in early stages of parenthood. Until the umbilical cord falls off, it is best to give baby a sponge bath. Soap is not necessary. Wrap the baby in a towel, starting from the head down and just unwrap the area you need to wipe off. Babies do not like to be cold and feel safer when they are dressed and snugly. Gently wipe eyes with a soft cotton cloth from the inside corner to the outside. Make sure to wipe off the folds of skin in the neck and legs. Thoroughly but gently pat baby dry.