Eating – What Are Good Solid Foods To Start Baby On

What Are Good Solid Foods To Start Baby On?

Toddlers can be very picky eaters. As matter of fact, toddlers are usually very picky eaters. Unfortunately, we have an extremely picky eater, who seems to have a lot of issues with food texture. In short, Bean will not eat a fruit, vegetable or meat in its regular form. Unfortunately, everything we offer to him has to be pureed. Between six months and fifteen months, he would eat almost anything we ate, as long as it was pureed. Around fifteen months, his eating habits changed, and there were just a few things he would eat. It is important to me to feed our son organic food. I don’t want him eating food that is laden with pesticides or treated with hormones. The staple in Bean’s diet seems to be Happy Baby organic mango or pear squeeze packs. When we first started buying those baby food packs, we needed it as an on-the-go baby meal solution. However, over time, he started preferring the packets over homemade pureed meals. Every night I would offer Bean what we eat, and nine out of ten times, he would refuse to eat it. At one point, the only way to expand his menu was through offering him a choice between two of his store bought food packs. In particular, he likes Earth’s Best Sweet Potato Chicken, Happy Baby Super Salmon, Amaranth Ratatouille, and Gobble Gobble Turkey. At least, I know he is getting protein and vegetables in the meals he is eating. In addition to store packs, he will eat nuts, dry oats, cereal, crackers, pizza, fish sticks, and anything sweet. Thankfully, we don’t have sweets around very often, so his choices are mostly healthy ones. As a side note, I did try to imitate store meals at home. Some of them turned out just fine. However, if you are looking to save some money, we found the cost to be roughly the same. This is under the assumption you would be using only organic food when preparing it at home.