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Good Byes by Shelley Rotner Book For Kids Review

Good-Byes by Shelley Rotner has a similar format like the author’s other early child development books. It is a story told through photographs and pictures. In this story, she talks about Good-Byes outlining a variety of different situations in which people say good-bye to each other.
Reading To Kids Benefits
The book teaches children a valuable lesson, which is that good-byes are a normal part of our life. Through a series of every-day situations, the story teaches about the acceptance of this inevitable, and sometimes sad, part of our life. Naturally, for children good-byes are often seen as sad events. This book for kids is a good attempt to conceptualize and bring little ones closer to the acceptance of the act of everyday separation.
About Good Byes

Good-Byes by Shelley Rotner is recommended for kids of ages between three and nine years old. The book is a bit bulky for traveling or a diaper bar (width 8 inches and height 10 inches), so we read it at mainly at home. It contains twenty-eight pages of nice photographic illustrations. It is one of the highest ranked books in its category.


About Shelley Rotner
One my favorite early childhood development authors isĀ Shelley Rotner. Her photographic books are inspirational, educational and entertaining for the little ones. Shelley Rotner specializes in portrait and travel photography, which is how most of her stories are actually told. I strongly recommended Shelley Rotner books for three and four year old toddlers.

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