Baby Bodycare

Proper body care is one of the most important segments of the overall baby care practice. Baby and toddler delicate skin requires special attention and protection. In our household, we try to use natural and organic products as much as possible. In this section, I will be reviewing products we use on our own child. Each review contains basic product overview, key ingredients, main selling points, and a brief description on how, when and why I use it.
Too Many Diaper Choices Out There
When it comes to selecting diapers, we have all done our share of research. I tried a number diaper brands over time. The data was compiled into a database, where I then broken it down into various categories. I graded each category as objectively as I could – all based on my own experience and some general themes I heard from other moms… [READ MORE]

Night Night Balm
As part of our bedtime routine, I rub a little Badger Balm Night Night Balm under Bean’s nose, and sometimes on pulse points. It is an all natural balm with zero harmful ingredients designed to help children unwind for bed. It contains the essential oils of chamomile and lavender… [READ MORE]
Kid Friendly Sunscreen
Living in Arizona, we have over 300 sunny days a year. Finding ways to protect the Bean from the sun is important. I have been using Episencial Sunny Sunscreen when we will be in the sun for any prolonged period of time. It is a broad spectrum, water resistant mineral sunblock that helps protect against UVA and UVB rays… [READ MORE]
Homeopathic Teething Drops
It is virtually impossible to overdose with homeopathic remedies. I tried homeopathic remedies after learning oracle can have serious side affects, such as Skin irritation, allergic reaction, and even overdose resulting in death from a reaction or if used on broken skin. I tried Hyland’s and Camilia with our little one after hearing these had worked for other babies, but they didn’t seem to help Bean, so I tried the Gentle Naturals and it works… [READ MORE]
How To Untangle Baby Hair?
The Bean has curly hair that is difficult to comb out. I use conditioner in his hair after washing with hair and body wash, followed by Original Sprout Miracle Detangler spray. This product was recommended to me by a friend who said it worked wonderfully on her daughter’s fine hair which tangles easily. This detangler does not contain harmful ingredients – no parabens, phalates, formaldehyde or hormone disrupters found in many kids detangling sprays