BOB Strides Single Fitness Jogging Stroller by BOB Britax


BOB Strides Single Stroller Review:

BOB Strides is one of the best BOB stroller designs on the market. Just like all other BOB strollers in this family, it features a two-step folding system, aluminium alloy lightweight frame, adjustable suspension system, five point safety harness, and a large adjustable canopy. There is a lot of confusion about how this stroller differs from the BOB Revolution SE. First, while BOB Revolution SE comes in multiple colors, BOB Stride Fitness is only manufactured in one color – red. The red color is preferable for visibility during jogging, so you might consider that when deciding between the two strollers. Second, BOB Strides Fitness comes with a fitness kit for mothers, which includes a handlebar console, stroller strides exercise manual, and exercises tubing. Third, this stroller is 1 pound heavier than BOB Revolution SE. All other features are the same as in BOB Revolution SE single jogging stroller. The two-step folding system is extremely simple and easy to execute. When fully collapsed, the stroller is only 19.3 inches in height, while the depth goes down to 43.1 inches. Rear wheel diameter is 16 inches, while the front wheel is 12 inch in diameter. One of the main complaints about this stroller is the lack of hand brakes. Another thing that users seem to be unhappy about is the fact that handlebar height is not adjustable. Numerous consumer reports cited that users taller than 6-feet had issues handling the stroller while running. Again, all in all, this is one of the best stroller jogging options in the market today, with one of the highest consumer review grades. The stroller is best suited for a

ctive lifestyles, jogging, nature walks, adventure, exercising, and structured fitness programs.
BOB History
“Beast of Burden” (BOB) was founded in 1994 by Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny in California. A series of successful designs over the years led to company’s acquisition by Britax USA in 2011. Today, Britax USA and BOB Gear are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
BOB Design
BOB’s innovative design started as a bike trailer, and from there it grew into a jogging stroller, as we know it today. BOB’s strollers feature patented suspension system, extremely durable polymer wheels, and super easy to fold system frame. All of the above were not seen in strollers until BOB’s emergence in 2000’s. Another area where this manufacturer made significant progress was a reclining padded seats, which were a novelty at the time.
Data Interpretation
Top three BOB strollers are ranked based on value grade, which was derived from market feedback (user experience), stroller’s features, material quality, and design. Popularity ranking is based on market (user) feedback collected across various popular sites. In order to derive the best purchasing decision possible, one would need to incorporate his or her personal needs and requirements in the decision making process.