BOB Sport Utility Single Jogging Stroller by BOB Britax

BOB Sport Utility Single Jogging Stroller Review
BOB Sport Utility features lightweight frame, easy two-step folding system, three 16-inch high impact polymer utility wheels, 2 position shocks, adjustable harness, buckle closure, large canopy, reclining padded seat, and a storage basket. BOB Sport Utility Stroller represents great value if it fits your basic needs and requirements. The reason I mentioned this is because this stroller lacks a front wheel swivel system, which makes it hard to navigate on uneven terrain and windy paths. You are required to tilt the stroller when you want to change the direction, which is sometimes a difficult task to perform. So, if you are not planning on running on challenging paths, this stroller might be a good solution to meet your needs. You will save some money with this design. All other features of this stroller are almost identical to those of BOB Revolution SE. Other differences include the stroller’s dimensions, where BOB Sport Utility is a little bit smaller than BOB Revolution, and it collapses into a slightly more compact design. BOB Sport Utility stroller provides excellent comfort via the superb suspension system and three-wheel design. Safety is another strong feature. Overall, it represents great value to the consumers, who are ready to trade off maneuverability for comfort and price. This stroller is best suited for nature walks, slow to medium pace jogging over challenging terrain and other fun adventures.
BOB History
“Beast of Burden” (BOB) was founded in 1994 by Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny in California. A series of successful designs over the years led to company’s acquisition by Britax USA in 2011. Today, Britax USA and BOB Gear are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
BOB Design
BOB’s innovative design started as a bike trailer, and from there it grew into a jogging stroller, as we know it today. BOB’s strollers feature patented suspension system, extremely durable polymer wheels, and super easy to fold system frame. All of the above were not seen in strollers until BOB’s emergence in 2000’s. Another area where this manufacturer made significant progress was a reclining padded seats, which were also novelty at the time.
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