Big Dog And Little Dog by David Dav Pilkey

Best Books For Infants Review
Big Dog and Little Dog is a popular book for infants. Our son loved this book when he was six to twelve months old, and he would ask us to read to him over and over again. The story line is very simple. It follows two dogs in a sequence of events, where actions of big dog are mimicked by actions of the small dog. They jointly go from being hungry, to being fed, to going to separate beds, and finally, to joining and cuddling together in the same bed. Story narrative is very simple, so even infants can follow it.
Reading To Infants Benefits
Big Dog and Little Dog by Dav Pilkey cleverly uses about two dozen words to tell this story. If you read this book to infants, it is almost guaranteed that it will expand their vocabulary. Another great benefit of this book is that it nicely connects nouns and verbs, which is a basic for developing reading skill. Repetitive text will keep little ones fully engaged during reading sessions.

About Big Dog And Little Dog
Big Dog And Little Dog has 14 pages, and it comes in a hardcover format. The pages are very sturdy, so it will take a decent level of abuse. Since this book is intended for infants, its format and page thickness are appropriate.

About David Pilkey
David “Dav” Pilkey is a popular artist, illustrator and award winning author of children’s books. His most recognizable and popular work is definitely the Captain Underpants and Dumb Bunnies series. His illustrations appear to be a mix of comic book and cartoon-like styles.