How To Select Baby Bathing Products

What Natural Shampoo Is The Best For Babies?
In this paragraph, I will review the sequence of the products I tried and my experiences with each product. The first baby products we used on Bean were from Burt’s Bees. The products were fine, but I didn’t like the way this product smelled on the Bean. I switched to using California Baby Calming Shampoo and Body Wash. I like most of the products from this line, however, their products tend to be kind of expensive. I currently use Shea Moisture Baby Head-To-Toe Wash and Lotion. Their products smell amazing and are more affordable than California Baby. However, the shampoo is not tear-free. I am, also, using a kids conditioner on Bean’s hair by Jason. He has a head full of curls that are difficult to comb through. After conditioning his hair, I follow with a leave-in spray detangler and Curl Calmer by Original Sprout.

How To Select Baby Bathing Products?
For me, it is important to use baby bath products that don’t contain any harmful or harsh ingredients. My second selection criteria is how product interacts with my sons skin and hair. This includes skin and hair after-smell, potential unwanted irritations, etc. Finally, I pay attention to the price. As I explained above, some products are more expensive than others. Sometimes higher prices are justifiable, and sometimes not. I am willing to make a small trade-offs between product’s performance and the price, as I did when I deselected California Baby Calming Shampoo and selected Shea Moisture Baby Head-To-Toe.