Ideas For Bedtime Routines For Babies

Ideas For Baby Bedtime Routine
Our bedtime routine consists of giving the Bean a bath. I bath him and put his lotion on. My husband diapers him and puts his pajamas on. We do a quiet activity, which usually involves playing with his “quiet book” or doing a simple baby puzzle. After that, we read two to three books of his choosing together. Usually during reading, I brush his teeth and give him some teething drops. Sometimes, I apply a little bit of lavender night-night balm, which helps him relax at night. Bean gives Tata a goodnight hug and big kiss, as my husband exists the room and turns off the lights. After that, I nurse my son to sleep in our rocking-chair. Also, a goodnight lullaby is sung during nursing.

Add New Steps To Bedtime Routine
When a toddler stops nursing, the nursing part of the bedtime routine could be replaced with rocking him without nursing or gentle rubbing of his back, or a belly. Massaging toddlers deepens bonding and reduces stress hormones. Singing a goodnight song could still be part of the bedtime routine. Even listening to a story on a CD or calming music in the dark together could help him or her fall asleep.