Hi, I’m Bean’s mama — welcome and thanks for visiting!

As a busy mum of Bean and his older sister I seem be spending a lot of time on the net trying to find out about the best toys, toddler gear and parenting tips.

I set up this site to share with you what I found so you don’t have to trawl through endless websites, and instead can enjoy some extra precious time with your little one, or a quiet cup of coffee!

Bean loves anything with wheels and also adores books so the reviews on my site are inspired by his favorite things. And then of course is the toddler gear such as strollers and other things you didn’t know you needed until you’ve got little people in your life…

Lastly, apologies that there aren’t personal photos or more details about me and my kids here, protecting their privacy is incredibly important to me.

If you do like to get in touch just use the contact page, I love to hear from you!