Tips and Toys for Toddler Boys

Ideas and reviews on:

  • toddler toys and books
  • toddler gear such as strollers
  • parenting tips

Toddler Toys

Looking for toys to keep your toddler boy happy and entertained? My little boy loves wheels so when you click on the image above you will find reviews of lots of cars, car ramps and other things that go ‘vroom’! Bean also adores books so you’ll find a link to lots of book reviews on the next page.

Toddler Gear

Your toddler might already be a good walker but for going anywhere you will likely still want to take a stroller. In this section you’ll find a range of comparisons and reviews of different strollers for travel and getting around with your little boy. There are also several reviews for sleep monitors as well as kitchen towers (essential to get anything done in the kitchen with a toddler around!).

Parenting Tips

Here you’ll find a collection of tips for baby and toddler essentials such as sleeping and napping, eating, teething and more. I’ve also added a few suggestions for toddler toiletries and health products such as sunscreen, shampoo and teething drops.